Secure and efficient transmission of sensitive data

OptiNET Connect Alien Wave provides you with high data rates of currently up to 200 Gbit/s between your locations in a very cost-efficient way. With OptiNET Connect Alien Wave you can use your own equipment and benefit from our Germany-wide long-distance network for your connections. Your network equipment will be connected directly and with full protocol transparency to our DWDM equipment for transmission in accordance with ITU-G.694 without the use of a transponder. The protocols used are specified by you. With OptiNET Connect Alien Wave, your connections remain permanently monitored, allowing our NOC to immediately detect and respond to any faults or failures.



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OptiNET Connect Alien Wave offers you:

  • Transparent transmission of your data - if desired via a redundant infrastructure
  • Use of your own IP and MPLS routers or equivalent equipment
  • Ideal solution for sensitive data that must not be accessed by unauthorised third parties
  • Full control over your own network - even when regenerating data over long distances
  • Provision of services on the highly available DWDM technology platform
  • Bundling of several wavelengths for maximum transmission capacities
  • 24/7/365 network operation
  • Protocol-transparent transmission capacities of up to 200 Gbit/s in the WDM network
  • Data rates for OptiNET Connect Alien Wave of up to 200 Gbit/s per channel
  • Use of customer’s own protocols and encryption methods is possible


Our products for carriers, service providers, municipalities and local utilities are freely scalable and can therefore be adjusted as necessary for the required resources and capacities.